Once again I am going to declare some professional goals for my upcoming year.

  1. Convert my blog to Jekyll hosted on github – I am tired of wordpress, tired of spam, and would like to try something new.  I have already started on this.  Just need to finish it up.
  2. Launch my GWT / Google App Engine application – I am currently developing a GWT application to be deployed to Google App Engine.
  3. Do another presentation at the user group – At least a few lightning talks.  I have a few ideas.
  4. Attend a tech conference – Dev Nexus is the likely target
  5. Post more often – I did 10 posts last year, would like to maybe double that next year (including this one)
  6. Attend a user group meeting outside of Nashville JUG – A rollover from last year, I will probably be regularly attend the Interactive Developers meeting
  7. Study another language – I have been thinking about looking in to Dart or perhaps Go
  8. Launch an Android app – Another holdover from last year I am thinking of doing a small app having to do with managing the silent state of the phone