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Gooder Code is the professional blog of Kerry Wilson.  Kerry works as a Technical Consultant.  In his spare time he fathers two outstanding sons, listens to music of all varieties on his Zune, plays softball, video games, and spends time with family and friends.

Kerry is fluent in many forms of developer communication, including Java, Javascript, HTML, ASP.NET (C# variety), Classic ASP, PHP, MySQL, SQL Server, Groovy / Grails, Ruby, and a little Cold Fusion thrown in for good measure.  He is capable of administering Windows and Linux servers when necessary, and will do some networking if everyone else on the planet is obliterated.  He believes in writing concise, cohesive, reusable code that needs little documentation.

“Everyone has certain tools that they are familiar with and use more often and by no means am I tied to any particular language or technology.  I love learning new things, and try to learn a new language every year.”

“I believe in small, tight, agile teams.  XP or SCRUM methods are preferred, but not required.  I believe in close collaboration with business users and a short feedback loop.  I use Java when I want it to scale, PHP when I want it fast, and Ruby more lately.  I usually stick to RDBMS with MySQL, but am increasingly seeing the benefits of NoSQL databases, specifically, CouchDB and BerkeleyDB.  I use Maven for my Java, Rake for my Ruby, and continuously integrate with Hudson.  90% of my Java apps use Spring IoC, Web MVC, and Hibernate.  I generally deploy to Tomcat, embed Jetty, or run as a daemon or service.  I have never been required to use a full blown app server.  However, I have used JMS with ActiveMQ, EJB 3 API with Hibernate, and Servlets with Tomcat.  I prefer REST over SOAP, and JSON over XML.  Give me Netbeans over eclipse (or IntelliJ), and Windows over Mac (or Linux), but I don’t feel strongly enough about either to argue the point.  Ubuntu is my preferred flavor of Linux, though I have spent most of my time in RHEL.”

“Also, I can’t wait to visit this page in a few years to see how much has changed. :)

- kw